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Mama Well-being Bath Tea Blend

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An indulgent blend of organic herbs, botanicals, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts and pure Ayervedic massage oil. Hand mixed in small batches (200g), aimed to promote rest and relaxation for pregnancy and postpartum.

Ingredients and Key Benefits:

• Calendula - promotes cell repair 

• Chamomile - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

• Rose Buds- calming effect

• Lavender- soothes stress, helpful for restlessness and insomnia, anti-inflammatory

• Lemon Balm- refreshing and uplifting, powerful anti-oxidant 

• Comfrey Leaf - relieves pain and can inhibit bleeding (great for postpartum lochia loss)

• Epsom Salts - relieves achey muscles and stress, helps to reduce swelling 

• Ayervedic Massage Oil - 100% pure cold pressed sesame oil infused with 25 additional herbs aimed to rejuvenate the body


Scoop in tea bags or directly into bath tub.

Comes with reusable cotton bath tea bag and wooden scoop.